Have Your Squash Courts Got The Right Stuff?

January is upon us and now's the time that most people hit the squash court in an attempt to lose the extra holiday weight and get back into shape.

Squash Courts Maintenance

This means that it's more important than ever for your courts to be looking their best! Fortunately Squash Court Maintenance is a simple enough procedure. Some squash court contractors may offer minimum-priced refurbishment services, using inexpensive products to do so. However it's important to use the correct products when carrying out any form of maintenance work. Using incorrect products to look after your squash courts will only lead to more work & more expense in the future. Consequently, negating any original savings that you may have received.

Courtcraft only use the correct squash court materials, approved by England Squash or World Squash when renovating your squash courts. Amongst our many services, we offer our specialist renovation squash court paint. This is not only an approved squash court paint, but most of all it maintains its colour & consistency for years. Using the correct cleaning solutions is just as important, as using the wrong products will only damage your courts. Here at Courtcraft, we use the highest rated products available. What does this mean? Any squash courts maintained by us are kept to the highest standard achievable, and you can't argue with those kind of results.

It's also important that you have all the information that you need when you're thinking about the upkeep of your squash courts. So give us a ring and speak to the team today. We can answer any questions or queries that you have on your mind, allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that your squash courts maintenance is taken care of. Call us on 01942 881500 or simply fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you shortly.


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Courtcraft Complete Work for Kier on Former RAF Air Force Base

As a new school, located at the heart of Heyford Park in Oxfordshire, Heyford Free School provides an environment that equips pupils with a ‘can do’ attitude and the school is currently working to refurbish buildings to the highest possible standard for future pupils.

The excellent range of facilities are located on one of the UK’s most exciting sites of historical importance, using fully refurbished buildings once used by both the RAF and US Air Force, including the stunning Officers Mess.

Courtcraft are delighted to have worked with Kier Group plc on this education sector project at Heyford, to provide new facilities at the school. In the Sports Hall & Drama Studio, Courtcraft installed a Junckers 22mm SylvaSport Premium Beech floor on levelling cradles, followed by Badminton, Netball, Basketball and Volleyball line markings, as well as a coat of HP seal

For squash players, there is now a new front wall renovation panel system, patch repaired and painted side walls, a new Junckers floor and new tin. Of course fully line marking was also included.

Thomas Smith, Managing Director at Courtcraft, said, ‘Another project has been completed and we are very pleased to have been able to work with Kier on the facility improvement programme at Heyford Free School. It was an unusual and very interesting project working on a former air force base. Not something we have done before!’

Before and after at Kirkcudbright Squash Club

After a massive fund raising effort by Kirkcudbright people for their own squash courts, Kirkcudbright Squash Club was born in 1981. Recent water damage meant the two squash courts needed refurbishment and Courtcraft were pleased to be selected to do this.

The damaged plaster was removed and re-plastered, the courts were painted with waterproof paint, new tins were installed, new floors were put down and both courts were fully re-marked.

The clubhouse is situated next to the swimming pool, behind Kirkcudbright Academy in the Castledykes area of the town and it is hoped that the work done will encourage more visitors to come along as a guest of a member or independently.

Thomas Smith, Managing Director of Courtcraft, said, ‘’The transformation at Kirkcudbright is there for all to see. We were very pleased to manage and deliver the project and hope that all the members and visitors enjoy playing on the newly re-furbished courts.’

Bristol Grammar School Gets a Courtcraft Makeover

Courtcraft has just finished a complete renovation at Bristol Grammar School. After being invited to assess the current situation of the school’s four squash courts, we came up with the best solution to transform the courts into pristine condition.

The existing squash court panels were bowed, loose and damaged and were causing a major problem for the school.

We installed our Courtcraft renovation panel system to the front walls after removing and discarding the existing broken panels to the front wall; all the sand was then removed from the cavity before new renovation panels were installed, glued and screwed to the existing alloy framework. The new surface was then filled, sanded to produce no visible joints, before the existing sand was replaced with a top up where required; finally two coats of our own unique water based two pack squash court paint was applied to all playwalls (including the side walls) that were renovated as part of the makeover.

In addition to the work on front and side walls, the existing maple flooring was removed on all four courts. A new secondary damp proof membrane was installed followed by the installation of new Junckers Sylvasquash unsealed Classic grade to all courts.

The final makeover comprised installing new Armourcoat tin batten systems to all courts and new line markings in red games paint.

Thomas Smith, Managing Director of Courtcraft, said ‘We are delighted to have completed this very prestigious job for Bristol Grammar School. Squash players will notice a huge difference when they arrive back at school in September and we hope they have a successful and enjoyable season. It is always nice for everyone involved in this project to receive positive feedback and reflections from the school have appreciated the professional way we handled the project.’

‘The team at Courtcraft undertook the recent refurbishment of our four squash courts on-time, within budget and in a courteous and professional manner.’

B Tavener
Facilities Manager
Bristol Grammar School