The Courtcraft know how delivers the best guarantee for our customers. At Stretford Grammar School we have installed a new high performance polyurethane surface in the Sports Hall. The heart of their extensive enrichment programme includes the ambition to provide every student with the opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life. Extra- curricular sport at the school will not be the same now with this fabulous addition.

The old floor was not wearing well at the school; we advised the best option was to install our new Courtcraft PU product, perfect for indoor sports and activities with a specially cushioned multi-purpose sports surface that is seamless. The perfect choice.

Tested, certified and manufactured under factory conditions, Courtcraft PU is designed to maximise stability, longevity and safety, with natural shock-absorbing qualities. It enhances performance, providing good traction and resilience. The polyurethane adhesive, prefabricated rubber mat, polyurethane pore filler, 2mm self-levelling polyurethane wear layer and water based, low odour polyurethane top coat were applied on site by our own in house craftsmen. Look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images on our website and you will see how the Sports Hall was transformed with the installation of the new floor.

This co-educational foundation Grammar School will now benefit from the new ‘5 plus 2’ version of the Courtcraft PU product – low cost maintenance and an easy to clean surface with no polishing or buffing needed, only regular sweeping and an occasional wet clean. Most importantly, the students in Stretford have a fabulous upgraded sports surface.

Thomas Smith of Courtcraft said, ‘The Courtcraft PU product is a great new addition to our range of top quality flooring available. Perfect for sports halls it was the natural selection when advising Stretford Grammar School on their choices. We hope the students enjoy the new surface which looks absolutely fabulous’.