Sports Flooring

At whatever level you play it, sport is all about performance & endurance – the same is true for sports flooring. Safety is increasingly a prime consideration. A good sports floor enhances performance by reducing leg fatigue and the risk of injury. It provides good traction, resilience & accurate ball response. As one of the country’s leading sports flooring specialists, our sports & activity floors provide optimum performance, the right amount of shock absorption and resilience. This promotes safe play, good ball control & sporting excellence.

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Dance & Aerobics Flooring Maintenance

Dance & Aerobics Flooring

Dance and aerobics can be an intense and physically demanding activity, both for users & for the floors they exercise on. Dance & activity floors need to be resilient, slip-resistant & provide good shock absorption, so that repeated steps and impacts don’t damage joints & ligaments. Our dance floors do just this.

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Squash Courts Maintenance

Gym & Fitness Flooring

Fitness floors need to perform several important functions. The foremost being the practical need to support heavy equipment and to conceal power & data cables. They then have to be able to withstand the constant repeated impacts of users exercising. Equally important is the need for hygienic surfaces, which are low-maintenance, and easily cleanable; which are non-allergenic, which don’t harbour bacteria and stay odour-free.

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Sports Flooring Maintenance

Sports Line Marking

Courtcraft specialise in the layout & marking out of indoor sports courts. All in accordance with the recommendations of Sport England, and the requirements of governing bodies & national associations such as FIBA, England Basketball & England Netball.

Our Services Include:
CAD layout drawing service
High performance paints & lacquers
Re-marking & renovation service

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Commercial Flooring Maintenance

Skirting & Threshold Strips

Establishing and maintaining the correct edge gaps is critically important in sports halls, where there are additional practical factors to consider. Strength and durability is important; so is impact-resistance. This is especially important if sports like football & hockey are planned, when the skirting will need to withstand ball & stick impacts.

Edge gaps need to be left clear to allow for expansion, as do transitions in finishes from timber to tiles, vinyl or carpet at doorways.

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Courtcraft: Sports & Leisure Experts

Courtcraft are one of the leading specialist contractors in education & leisure flooring in the UK. We are partnering contractors with nationwide health & fitness chains, David Lloyd Leisure, Esporta and Virgin Active, fitting out & maintaining squash courts, installing dance & fitness gym floors and working with local authority partners, such as Everyone Active and Pulse Fitness.

Our client list includes prestige private, local authority & regional sports & leisure centres throughout the country.

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