Sports Flooring By Boen

National Approved Contactor

Courtcraft are a national approved contractor for installing and maintaining all types of Boen timber flooring, having installed many 1000's square metres of Boen engineered timbered floors. Boen have over 50 years of experience of designing and manufacturing timber floor products and over 2 million square metres of sport flooring has been installed around the world. They are one of the leading producers and suppliers of sports floors.

They specialise in the production of engineered boards, with a hardwood wear layer. Boen offers two main floor types: low elevation Boflex with an overall system depth of 28mm and Arenaflex, a 23mm cross-laminated board fixed to battens that is used in conjunction with Logic cradles and standard battens where floor depths of up to 148mm can be achieved.

Boen supply to all market sectors, with strong emphasis on sports flooring, dance flooring and education flooring. Boen offers a comprehensive range of floor systems to suit all types of application & floor depth and in addition, Courtcraft can provide surface treatment products, such as lacquers and cleaning & maintenance products to ensure that the Boen floor you buy can be kept in prime condition throughout its working life.

University of Warwick Sports Hub

Courtcraft installed 1965m2 of Boen Arenaflex Beech flooring in the main 12 court sports hall at the hub, making it one of the largest engineered board floors in the UK.

Boen Sports Flooring Website

Bradford Sedbergh Sports Centre

Courtcraft installed 23mm Boen Arenaflex Oak sports flooring on our Logic cradle levelling system. The sports hall is 1382 m2 and the spin and activitiy studios were each approximately 180m2 in size. (Photos by Courtcraft or Bradford Council)


Boen sports flooring is a multiuse type floor and will continue to give excellent performance for many years when well maintained. Talk to Courtcreaft about how we can help you look after your Boen flooring.


Boen products such as Arenaflex is designed for venues with different building heights and uneven levels of a sub-floor. This area-elastic sports floor offers a combination of rigidity and comfort, which makes it versatile and practical for sports halls, gymnasiums and recreation halls. The Arenaflex flooring is a resilient hardwood floor laid onto a highly durable cradle system. It is suitable for installation with underfloor heating systems and insulation.


Arenaflex is suitable for new constructions as well as renovation. In addition, construction time can be reduced as no levelling compound or similar is needed. Arenaflex is easy to handle and transport as it is delivered in practical pre-cut and fixed lengths. Used in conjunction with Logic cradles and standard battens, floor depths of up to 148mm can be achieved.

If you have any questions or queries we will be more than happy to assist in any way we can.
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Fully accredited flooring contractor

Courtcraft are a fully accredited flooring contractor with certifications from CHAS, Constructionline and Safecontractor. This means we are assesed for compliance and competance in 12 keys areas of risk management.


Health and Safety (H&S) — The disclosure of existing H&S procedures and risk management policies to qualified assessors
Identity — Confirmation of contact details, company size and location, etc. to verify legality to operate within the UK
Financial — The disclosure of full accounts and held insurances and a signed confirmation payment code of conduct
Corporate and Professional Standing — The production of evidence relating to a range of topics, such as criminal, terrorist and human trafficking activity
Anti-Bribery and Corruption — Provide evidence of adequate procedures to prevent persons within or associated with your organisation from receiving bribes or bribing others
Modern Slavery — Demonstrating steps your organisation has taken to assess and manage modern slavery and human trafficking risks
Environment — A demonstration that environmental management standards are being met via the supply of documented arrangements
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — The production of evidence that a sound CSR policy and anti-slavery and human trafficking statement are held
Information Security and GDPR — Demonstration of full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
Building Information Modelling — Confirmation of how the organisation develops, manages and controls design information