Hardwood Dance Flooring

Dance and aerobics can be an intense and physically demanding activity, both for users & for the floors they exercise on. Dance & activity floors need to be resilient, slip-resistant & provide good shock absorption, so that repeated steps and impacts don’t damage joints & ligaments. Our dance floors do just this.

Importantly, dance & activity floors need to provide safe, splinter-free & durable surfaces that won’t degrade with repeated use. They also need to be easily & cheaply maintained.

Dance & Aerobics Flooring Maintenance


As dance & aerobics flooring is subject to various forms of activities, it's important for it to be resilient enough for almost anything.


Many forms of dance & aerobics is practised & performed without footwear, so it is essential that the floors we provide be slip resistant.


Jumping, leaping & landing are all parts of dance & aerobics, and so it's important for the floor to provide the correct amount of support.

Modern Manufacturing

The wide choice of floor surfaces available stimulates creativity and design flexibility. Modern manufacturing techniques and high-tech lacquers provide high wear & slip-resistance, combined with low-maintenance and long durability. This is ideal for dance & activity flooring.

Courtcraft specialise in providing semi-sprung hardwood floors that meet the demanding dance & activity floor criteria. Our flooring is guaranteed and is rigorously tested to comply with current performance & safety standards.

Sustainability is equally important – all of our key suppliers obtain materials from FSC or PEFC certified resources.

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