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National Approved Contactor

Courtcraft are a national approved contractor for installing and maintaining all types of Junckers timber flooring, having installed over 50,000m2 of Junckers solid timber floors in the past two years. The Junckers’ approved flooring contractor scheme allows for installations to be fully guaranteed for up to 25 years as long as they are maintained by an approved contractor (terms and conditions upon request).

Junckers are Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid pre-finished hardwood flooring and all Junckers floors are obtained from sustainable resources, with production from European and Scandinavian forests, under recommended Chain-of-Custody guidelines.

Junckers supply to all market sectors, with particular emphasis on sports flooring, dance flooring and education flooring. Junckers offers a comprehensive range of floor systems to suit all types of application & floor depth. In addition, Junckers provide surface treatment products, such as lacquers & oils, and cleaning & maintenance products to ensure that the floor you buy can be kept in prime condition throughout its working life.

Junckers Sports Flooring Website

DG One leisure centre in Dumfries, Scotland.

The main sports hall, 947m2 in size was fitted out with Junckers 22mm solid Sylvasport premium beech boards on their Unobat 45 system.

University of Hull Sports Centre

The main sports hall, 947m2 in size was fitted out with Junckers 22mm solid Sylvasport premium beech boards on their Unobat 45 system.

David Lloyd Solihull Cranmore

196m² of Junckers Sylvasport premium Beech boards were installed on cradles and battens in their High Impact Exercise Studio.

DG One Dance Studio

For the Dance Studio Courtcraft installed 150m2 Junckers Sylvasport Premium on 10mm Pro-foam and Clip system along with Junckers combi-skirting.

New Era Unobat

The New Era UnoBat sports floor system is a packable high quality flooring system which can be installed over an uneven sub‑floor. This system incorporates a black evazote polyethelene foam rubber base for higher performance characteristics to the higher A4 level of the standard.

The sports floor system comprises the 22 mm Junckers solid hardwood board, secretly nailed to a kiln dried softwood batten, which is supported by foam backed strong polypropylene cradles. Fine levelling of the system takes place between the cradles and the battens. There are a range of heights available from 60 mm to 439 mm.

Unobat 45

The solid floor boards are nailed to a resilient subconstruction of one layer engineered battens featuring a unique arrangement of specially developed rubber strips premounted on the underside of the battens.

Junckers Clip System

The Clip System is a low profile, floating sports flooring system, designed for installations over all types of flat subfloors. This system is ideal for refurbishment projects, or when the finished floor height must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The 22mm solid hardwood floor boards are joined together with Junckers Steel Clips, which allow for unique independent floor board flexing. The floor floats over a 5 or 10mm performance foam underlay for maximum resilience.

Since there are no nails used in the Clip System, the floor system can be taken up and reinstalled elsewhere if ever needed.

Sylvasport solid timber flooring

Junckers wooden floors are made of 100% solid hardwood. There are no intermediate layers of alternative materials in the floorboards that can come apart. The floors have a full 22mm thickness of hardwood, and this makes them very strong and stable. The floor boards are made from two rows of staves assembled by means of a carefully machined double dovetail joint. A solution which uses the timber efficiently without compromising the quality

Junckers Beech, Maple  and Ash sports floors are dried using Junckers unique press drying method. This process creates high strength and an indentation resistance of the floor board that will usually exceed that of similar boards dried using normal methods.

Junckers floors are always supplied prefinished with lacquer from the factory. This makes the floor ready to use right after installation.

Beech, Maple and Ash hardwood is renowned for its excellent workable strength qualities. The even structure delivers a durable floor, perfect for numerous forms of sport, dance & fitness activities. Junckers solid hardwood sports flooring is produced and categorised in accordance with EN 13629, EN 14904 and Junckers own factory standard.

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Fully accredited flooring contractor

Courtcraft are a fully accredited flooring contractor with certifications from CHAS, Constructionline and Safecontractor. This means we are assesed for compliance and competance in 12 keys areas of risk management.


Health and Safety (H&S) — The disclosure of existing H&S procedures and risk management policies to qualified assessors
Identity — Confirmation of contact details, company size and location, etc. to verify legality to operate within the UK
Financial — The disclosure of full accounts and held insurances and a signed confirmation payment code of conduct
Corporate and Professional Standing — The production of evidence relating to a range of topics, such as criminal, terrorist and human trafficking activity
Anti-Bribery and Corruption — Provide evidence of adequate procedures to prevent persons within or associated with your organisation from receiving bribes or bribing others
Modern Slavery — Demonstrating steps your organisation has taken to assess and manage modern slavery and human trafficking risks
Environment — A demonstration that environmental management standards are being met via the supply of documented arrangements
Quality — Confirmation that quality management standards for construction output, training and general performance are being met
Equality — Proof of conformity to the Equalities Act, the Minimum Wage Act and the Immigration, Asylum and Nationalities Act
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — The production of evidence that a sound CSR policy and anti-slavery and human trafficking statement are held
Information Security and GDPR — Demonstration of full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
Building Information Modelling — Confirmation of how the organisation develops, manages and controls design information