Clarenden Cottage School

Courtcraft were selected to do some repair and refurbishement work on a Maple strip timber floor at the Clarendon Cottage School in Manchester. The floor had an area of severe fire damage as well as being worn and dirty. Our floor fitters took up about 6m2 of damaged boards, replaced them with new and then sanded the whole floor to a new finish. The old and the new boards will not colour match exactly as the older more seasoned ones colour with age. Once sanded the floor was sealed with 3 coats of laqeur to give a fine new floor. As you can see from the photos the old timber floor has been restored to prime condition showing the quality timber floor refurbishment that can be achieved by Courtcraft.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to enquire about your own timber floor repair needs, contact the Courtcraft team on 01942 881 500.

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