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Courtcraft have been maintaining squash courts throughout the UK for over 25 years and have the best squash court technicians in the UK.

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Courtcraft are here to provide you with the best quality and value court maintenance services in the UK.

Squash Court Maintenance Specialists

Squash courts eventually show signs of wear and tear after a seasons play. For example plastered squash court walls surfaces degrade from the constant pounding of balls and rackets. The repeated impacts can turn tiny pin-holes in the top coat plaster into larger craters which will need filling. Panel system walls accumulate rubber from the squash balls meaning the walls will need to be repainted.

Floors accumulate dirt and sweat and will need regular fine sanding to provide the correct grip. Older squash floors may succumb to board breakages which will need repairing so that they do not create safety hazards for players.

Glass walls and doors must be serviced every year to ensure all bolts and fittings are tight, otherwise it will comprimise the safety properties of the wall. Furthermore, even well-maintained floors need replacing sooner or later, as regular sanding inevitably wears them out. This creates an adverse effect on quality of play and ultimately on your revenue.

Courtcraft is proudly accredited
by the World Squash Federation.

Courtcraft is pleased to announce we have continued to be accredited by the World Squash governing body, the only squash court installation and maintenance accreditation that involves technical assessments. The World Squash Federation accreditation is a sign of the best quality and standards when it comes to building and servicing squash courts.

We are here to help…

When your courts become in need of annual maintenance, club and leisure facility operators need to trust the people who will come and service their courts. Courtcraft have been maintaining squash courts throughout the UK for over 25 years and have the best squash court technicians in the UK. We can help you plan your sevice needs in advance and give estimates of the required maintenance costs.

When the actual time comes to service your courts we will survey them in person or by using photographs and give you a fully costed quote to refurbish the courts and get them back to looking and playing like new. We also will offer clients 3 year squash court maintenance plans which offer a fixed price cost for servicing & maintaining the courts for the duration of agreed maintenance plan.

Our Services include…

  • Play wall cleaning & painting
  • Wall plastering
  • Full wall replacement with panels
  • Out of play area decorating
  • New Junckers hardwood floors
  • Floor repairs and sanding
  • New play lines and floor markings
  • New fixed & adjustable tins
  • Glass wall conversions
  • Hardwood frames and glass door conversions
  • LED Lighting solutions