Flooring Installation & Refurbishment Services

We are flooring installation and maintenance specialists. We install sports hall floors, dance studio floors, gym and fitness floors as well as commercial floors. We deliver full maintenance packages for our floor installations, involving processes such as re-sanding, cleaning, and re-marking of court lines.

New Timber Sports Floors

Squash Court Build & Servicing

We supply a range of renovation and maintenance packages for squash courts, guaranteeing first-rate craftsmanship that creates safe, dust-free and environmentally considerate maintenance and renovation operations.

Squash Court Design Services

New & Refurbished Educational Flooring

Read about our latest Innov8 squash court installation in an article by Squash Player Issue 2 2019

University of Warwick Sports Hub

  • World Squash Federation accredited squash court facililty in the heart of the UK

  • 6 Singles courts, 1 Doubles court with manual moving wall

  • Designed, manufactured & built by Courtcraft

  • Commisioned February 2019

Find out more about our Innov8 Wall Panel System for Squash Courts

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Commercial Flooring

Fitness & Leisure Flooring

Court Repair & Refurbishment Services

Squash courts, like most things, eventually wear out. Some squash court plasters don’t stand up to the constant pounding of balls and rackets, which means repeated impacts can turn tiny pin-holes into gaping craters. Floors need regular sanding to provide the correct grip and older floor types with random-length boards can suffer from frequent board breakages.

Courtcraft can offer a one off quote to refurbish the courts and get them back to looking and playing like new or we offer flexible 3 – 5 year squash court maintenance plans which offer a fixed price cost for servicing & maintaining the courts for the duration of the pre-agreed maintenance plan.

Squash Court Maintenance

Glass Walls & Doors

90% of new squash courts have glass-back walls and the vast majority of those are by Ellis Pearson – the world’s leading brand. Ellis Pearson Glasswalls are available in a choice of configurations. Freestanding types, which are supported by glass-fins and fixed-head types (Clubwalls), which are supported by posts and then fixed to structural beams or lintels.

Ellis Pearson Glasswalls are constructed from 12mm toughened glass, in accordance with stringent safety standards and recommended building codes of practice.

Ellis Pearson Glasswalls are approved by the World Squash Federation and are backed by a 10 year guarantee.

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