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Glass Walls & Doors

Glass Walls and Doors for Courts

At Courtcraft we are here to provide you with the best quality and value squash court maintenance services within the UK

Glassbacked courts radiate more space compared to traditional solid backed courts.

Glass Walls

Glass-backed walls provide better visibility for spectators and TV cameras, making it easier to follow the game. They are also more spacious than solid-backed courts, which can make players feel less cramped and more comfortable. They are less prone to damage from balls hitting the walls and are easier to clean than solid-backed courts, as they do not absorb moisture or dirt and help protect again ball markings. 

Glass Walls
Glass Walls
world squash

There are several benefits to having a glass door on a squash court

Glass Doors

There are several benefits to having a glass door on a squash court. A glass door provides clear visibility into the court, allowing players to see if someone is inside before entering, reducing the risk of collisions and injuries.

Spectator Viewing: A glass door allows spectators to watch the game from outside the court, which is beneficial for tournaments or matches with a large audience.

Improved Lighting: A glass door allows natural light to enter the court, which can improve visibility and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Aesthetic Appeal: A glass door can enhance the overall appearance of the court, making it look more modern and stylish.

Glass Doors
Glass Doors

Our New Glass Fronted walls are a perfect option for your existing courts.

Glass Front Walls

Incorporated into our expanding portfolio is our recently introduced glass front walls. These walls boast a substantial thickness of 20mm, comprising an 8mm layer of toughened glass and a 12mm sound-absorbing rigid backing. Notably, these walls require minimal maintenance, with periodic cleaning being the sole consideration.

Moreover, we can offer this same design to your side walls with the same low-maintenance design, providing you with a hassle-free court environment

This product is fully World Squash federation-approved. Please visit our technical page to see this accreditation 

Glass Front Walls
Glass Front Walls
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