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Innov8 and Renov8 Render

Innov8 and Renov8 Wall Panel System

Made By Us, The First and Only UK World Squash Federation Accredited Company

Innov8 Wall Panel System
Innov8 Wall Panel System

Designed, manufactured and built entirely within the UK by Courtcraft.
Innov8 is a double-skin, self-supporting system and is appropriate for new build courts. In multiple court configurations, a dividing Innov8 wall can also be installed as a moveable wall. Thus courts that are side-by-side can be easily expanded for other activities. This also allows our squash courts to convert to a doubles squash court very easily.
Innov8 is the first and only British product to achieve complete court accreditation from the World Squash Federation

Innov8 Wall Panel System

Innov8 Logo

Designed, manufactured and built entirely within the UK by Courtcraft.
Renov8 is a single skin system and can be used for new build or existing squash court renovations – for both front and side walls. Renov8 is installed directly onto existing blockwork or plastered walls. A cavity between the block & panel is filled with fire-dried sand. A Renov8 court installation is faster than a full wet plaster installation, allowing your court to get back in to action sooner.
If you have any further questions regarding Courtcraft’s innovative wall panel systems, give us a ring and speak to us today!

Renov8 Wall Panel System

Renov8 Logo
Renov8 Wall Panel System
Renov8 Wall Panel System

Courtcraft is pleased to announce we have continued to be accredited by the World Squash governing body, the only squash court installation and maintenance accreditation that involves technical assessments. The World Squash Federation accreditation is a sign of the best quality and standards when it comes to building and servicing squash courts.

Courtcraft is Proudly Accredited by the World Squash Federation

Glass backed wall
Squash Court
Squash Court floor

When your courts become in need of annual maintenance, club and leisure facility operators need to trust the people who will come and service their courts. Courtcraft have been maintaining squash courts throughout the UK for over 30 years and have the best squash court technicians in the UK. We can help you plan your sevice needs in advance and give estimates of the required maintenance costs.

We are here to help…

When the actual time comes to service your courts we will survey them in person or by using photographs and give you a fully costed quote to refurbish the courts and get them back to looking and playing like new. We also will offer clients 3 year squash court maintenance plans which offer a fixed price cost for servicing & maintaining the courts for the duration of agreed maintenance plan.

Squash Court Floor

Here you will find all of our technical brochures and information for you to download.


Innvo8 Wall Panel System Brochure

Innvo8 Wall Panel System


Renov8 Wall Panel System Brochure

Renov8 Wall Panel System


Our Services Include…

Cleaning or Painting of Playwalls

Armourcoat Wall Plastering

Front Wall Replacement with Panels

Out of Play Area Decoration

New Junckers hardwood floors

Glass Front Walls

Floor repairs and sanding

New play lines and floor markings

Glass wall conversions

Hardwood frames and glass door conversions

LED Lighting Solutions

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If you need any advice on squash courts, sports flooring, educational flooring or commercial flooring, then feel free to get in touch with us today!

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