Hardwood Flooring Contractors

Courtcraft’s commercial flooring division provides dynamic contemporary designs. Increased environmental awareness and the demand for non-allergenic floor surfaces have all made natural wood flooring more popular than ever with building contractors. The resurgence in urban living has also encouraged a trend for functional, minimal interiors for which wood flooring is an ideal background.

The natural colours & grain patterns of hardwood complement any design scheme and provide warm, visually attractive & low-maintenance environments for living or commerce. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, versatile, cost-effective and it is very hard wearing.

Private & Commercial

Courtcraft offers a wide variety of solid wood or engineered board systems suitable for use in heavy-traffic areas, such as performance spaces, theatres, auditoria, cafés and restaurants.

We provide flooring solutions for both private and commercial clients and have a full range of commercial and residential applications.

All our commercial floors comply fully to acoustic standards for impact sound reduction and have also been specified on award winning developments, such as Abito.

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